Genius Training Management System

Genius Training Management System allows you to fully manage your training business using a single software solution.

  • Manage Customers - Store customer data and view advanced statistics and KPI on them.
    Give Them access to the Free Customer Platform (LMS) to track and manage their own training too.
  • Manage Learners - Store learner information, their qualifications, when they expire, when they require training and more..
  • Plan & Manage Training - Plan and manage all of your training events, view live statistics, Profit & Loss on each event.
  • Manage Expenses & Resources - Manage Expenses, Trainer Expenses and resources quickly and easily.
  • Manage Trainers - Assign Trainers to events, give them access to the Free Trainer Platform allowing them to manage their own Diary and complete attendance registers.
  • Share Files with Customers, Learners and Trainers securely via Genius Training Management System.
  • Integrate your website with Genius Training Management System to accept online bookings and payments.

Genius Training Management System is much more than just a training management system.
Genius is actually 4 platforms in one.

  • Training Management System - This is the core of Genius and controls all of the above and the other 3 platforms.
  • Customer Platform (LMS) - The customer platform (LMS) is a free platform for your customers and learners to access. Here they can view / track / manage their training, orders, invoices, quotes, download shared files, learning materials, certificates and more.
    Customers can view their learners qualifications and manage their renewals, even re-booking renewals via the customer platform (LMS).
  • Trainer Platform - This is a free platform that all of your trainers have access to (you can disable or limit access if you choose). Trainers can manage their diary and complete attendance registers in real time via the Trainer Platform.
  • Website Integration - Integrating your website with Genius Training Management System is simple. This means you can display all of your training events on your own website and take online bookings without the need to use expensive e-commerce software. Integration is copy and paste, can be done in a few minutes by anyone and includes secure online payments powered by

Why use a Training Management System?

Organised Data

Your data is stored & organised giving you secure 'on demand' access at any time, anywhere, on any device.

Raise Efficiency

Repetitive tasks are automated, no duplication of data, streamlining your processes saving you time and money.

Advanced Statistics

Real time bookings / sales / expenses / profit & loss / break even allow you to plan your businesses growth.

Client Testimonials

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Genius is an extremely cost effective solution to the tedium and limited functionality of spreadsheets!

I can't rate Genius highly enough, they really know their stuff, from both a training and technical point of view.

Platinum Training Services
Price Training
National Safety Training
UK Training
BMC Training
First Aid Doncaster
Pathways Training Yorkshire

Before using Genius I was spending hours updating my website & sending out joining instructions individually after taking each booking.

Genius saves us time by managing all of our bookings in one place with Stripe and just one click to send joining instructions.

Training & Support

Free UK Based Training & Support

Genius training & support is Free of charge, whether you call our UK based local rate support telephone number or whether you need additional support via screen sharing it's all Free!

Learn more about Support

Office Hrs: 9am - 6pm (GMT) Monday - Friday.
(UK): 0330 113 7783
(International): + 44 (0) 330 113 7783

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Genius Partners

Multi platform

Use Genius on any device

On the move? No problem, take Genius with you on any mobile device.

  • Full access to all of your business data.
  • Complete security of data & information.
  • Simple to use on all mobile devices.
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Genius is designed for both PC and Mac, we recommend using Google Chrome browser.

  • Optimised for both PC & Mac.
  • Login on any PC or Mac and your data is there.
  • Safe to use on public PC's & Mac's.
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Genius saves us so much time and allows us to concentrate on delivering the very best training possible!

Genius saves us time by managing all our bookings in one place.
It really is Genius!

We have grown more in 1 year since using Genius than in the previous 6 years without it!

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