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Carl Downs

"It's 16th June 2015, a Tuesday evening, around 6PM. I sat at my computer and started to code. I was on a mission to create the very best Training Management System in the world. I have been an Entrepreneur my entire adult life and I had this idea while on vacation in Mexico. So for the next 2 years I coded, day and night, 18 hour days, 6 days a week..

The rest, as they say is history.. "

Carl Downs - Genius Founder
Back in the day..

Genius was founded by Carl Downs who is an multiple award winning British Entrepreneur who has owned businesses in many sectors, from IT and Software, through to Nightclubs, Experience Days, Jewelry, the Motor trade and more.
Back in 2015 he founded Genius and developed a minimal viable product (MVP) for training providers in the UK as there was really only one system on the market and it's customers were frustrated with it. This took two full years, however finally a MVP was ready, and it was terrible. It was slow, ugly, buggy, and he had very few customers.
Those early customers used Genius for Free, in exchange for their valuable feedback, and slowly Genius began to grow, both in features and in paying customers.

Genius is now almost a decade old and is no longer the slow, ugly, buggy version that it once was. It's now a world class training management system that is used by companies of all sizes, in all industries all over the world, from the USA to the UAE, UK, Europe, Australia and more.
Originally designed to be used only by training providers in the UK, Genius is now used by a multitude of companies, from small to large training providers and universities through to large PLC's who use Genius to track their own staff training in countries around the world.
Thanks really needs to be given to those customers who offered early feedback (sometimes brutal) as they are the real architects of Genius. Our community of customers still give valuable feedback today, and for those we are truly grateful.

Genius initially started out as a UK company, after all our founder is British, however as the majority of our client base is American and the SaaS (Software as a Service) world is US based Genius is now an American LLC (Genius LLC) formed in Delaware, Navada, USA, with a permanent presence in the both the UK and USA.

  • Started small in the UK, now serves much of the world

  • Genius LLC is a USA based company with presence in both the UK and the USA

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