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Genius Training Management System is used by companies of all sizes to manage their training courses, customers, learners, qualifications, bookings & finance to increase revenue and grow their business.

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Genius Training Management System

Genius TMS

World class Training Management System to run your entire training business

Trainer Platform

Empower your trainers to manage their own diary, registers and more with the Trainer Platform

Customer Platform

Provide that superior customer experience with the Customer Platform

Website Integration

Accept bookings and payments via your own website with the easy Website Integration

4   Platforms in   1

Genius consists of 4 integrated platforms with the TMS controlling the other 3 platforms with ease.

  • Customer platform and trainer platform are completely FREE regardless of the number of customers, or trainers you have.

  • You have full control over who you grant access to the customer and trainer platform.

  • Generate additional revenue by charging your customers to access the customer platform if you wish.

  • Customer platform, trainer platform and website integration are optional and not required to use the Genius TMS.

Plan & Schedule Courses

Planning & scheduling your courses is quick and simple using Genius course builder. The use of templates and the replication of existing courses means you will have your full program of courses setup in minutes.

Manage Customers & Learners (CRM)

Manage your customers and learners with ease using the inbuilt CRM tools in Genius. Manage enquiries, deals, the sales pipeline and generate quotes all inside of Genius.

Manage Trainers

Inviting and assigning trainers to courses and managing their diary while avoiding schedule clashes is a breeze with Genius. Trainers also have access to their own diary with the Trainer Platform.


Manage Customers

Manage Customers (CRM)

Genius inbuilt CRM tools make managing your customers and learners simple. Single data input reduces administration time while reducing mistakes and errors keeping your business data clean and concise.

CRM Tools

Progress prospects from initial enquiry through quotes, sales, invoicing and satisfaction surveys

Manage unlimited customers and learners at no additional charge

Manage learners training, attendance, exams, qualifications and certificates

Genius auto renewal reminder service means you never miss a learners renewal date

Automate communications with your customers and learners with email templates and schedules

Analyze customer booking history and trends & sales statistics allowing you to nurture customers and grow

Manage Customers   >>

Manage trainers

Genius makes it quick and simple to assign trainers to courses saving you hours of administration time

Intelligent Genius

Real time trainer availability avoids schedule clashes

Trainer qualification checks to ensure they are qualified to deliver the course

Intelligent venue & region matching enables most efficient trainer assignment

Assign or invite trainers to deliver courses, your choice

Read about Trainer Platform
manage trainers

automated communications

Automated Customer Communication

Automate and schedule templated emails saving you hours of repetitive training administration.

Schedule emails

All emails come from your email address, branded as your company and include your social links increasing customer confidence

Create your own intelligent email templates

Automated emails sent to customers and learners based on your schedules

Full audit trail of emails sent at your fingertips

Analyze, Scale and Grow

Advanced real time reporting makes analyzing
your business and planning for growth easy.

Course availability, profit/loss

Live real time reporting on each courses availability, viability, revenue, expenses, profit/loss and break even

Todays revenue, expenses, profit/loss

Real time reporting and graphs displaying live sales revenue, expenses and profit/loss allows you to make informed viability decisions quickly

Customer buying habit and value reports

Detailed graphs display customer value, buying habits allow you to plan courses around most valuable customers

advanced reporting and management information

Genius TMS Sales Pipeline

Sales Pipeline & Quotes

  • Manage prospects progressing them through the sales process using the sales pipeline

  • Record each time you contact the prospect, share files with them and more

  • Generate quotes which can be emailed to customers or viewed and agreed via the Customer Platform

Generate & Manage Orders

Manage Orders & Invoicing

  • Orders can be generated via your website , the customer platform or the Genius TMS

  • All orders are managed via the Genius TMS with ease.

  • Fully integrated with Stripe for secure online card payments.

  • Stand alone Genius invoice system or use the fully integrated system with Xero & Quickbooks for invoicing.

Task Management

Task & To Do Management

Stay connected with your team using the Genius Task Management System

Stay connected
  • Assign Tasks and Checklists to yourself, colleagues or trainers and Genius will remind them

  • Automated emails keep your tasks in front of the recipient making sure they are completed

  • 'My next 7 days' view means everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and when

Award and manage qualifications with ease

Award qualifications on Attendance or Exam pass.

Time Saving

Automated templates make awarding qualifications quick and simple

Multiple Qualifications

Award qualifications on attendance or exam pass

Generate Certificates

Auto generate downloadable and printable customized certificates instantly

Customers qualification renewal reminders powered by

Our Happy Customers

Our customers just love Genius!

We have been using Genius for several years and it has served us well, saving us many hours or admin work each week. Genius has allowed us to analyze our sales and is instrumental in our growth strategy. We attribute more than 20% growth of our business to using the tools in Genius. We would not hesitate to recommend implementing Genius in your business.

Testimonials Review 1
Barry Hunt

UK Training

Using Genius has helped us to organize our business and manage our delegates which saves us a huge amount of time. We have unlimited support and training from the Genius team and the system has regular updates which we don't pay for. These updates improve functionality based on suggestions from the community which we love

Genius Testimonials
Phil Yetzes

Bryn Mellon Care

Genius is very easy to use, it represents excellent value for money and the customer support is excellent. The Genius team really listen to customer feedback and as a result they are constantly adding to and improving the functionality. Genius has given us control over our data and course administration and our efficiency has increased dramatically as a result. I highly recommend it!.

Genius TMS
Julie Price

Price Training

I would certainly recommend Genius to any training provider small, medium or large. Before using Genius I was spending hours updating my website with courses and sending out joining instructions individually after taking each booking. Using Genius cuts down this time significantly and once set up it can take less than a minute to post a course and take bookings including payments.

Training Management System
Kevin Carrick

Pathways Training