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  • About Training Management Systems

    1. What is a Training Management System?

    A Training Management System is software designed specifically for training companies and those who need to manage training and qualifications. A TMS (Training Management System) is used to record all of your training data, such as course schedules, venue management, resource management, customer and learner management, trainer management, orders and invoice management, qualification management and much more.

    2. What are the benefits of a TMS?

    Most training companies use spreadsheets to manage their data in the early days, however this becomes unmanageable at a certain point.
    The most important benefit is usually time saving. Using Genius TMS will save you in excess of 65% of your administration time when moving from spreadsheets to Genius. This is done by organizing your data and automating tasks that usually take a lot of your time such as managing bookings, creating joining instructions, sending communication emails to customers and trainers and more.

    The clear concise and structured management of your data is also a huge benefit. Giving you access to customer records, learner records, courses, expenses, qualifications, certificates and more.

    Accepting bookings on your website is crucial to growing your training business. People expect to be able to book online, so making this easy for them will generate more revenue and help to grow your business.

    3. Who uses a Training Management System?

    Our client list varies wildly, as it's not just training companies who benefit from using a Training Management System.

    • Training companies, from owner trainers (1 man/woman bands) through to medium and large training companies with up to 50 licences

    • Colleges and universities who want to manage the progress of their students

    • Large PLC companies who manage the training of their own staff in house such Boeing, NASA, General Electric, Coca-Cola and more

    • Government agencies who need to manage the ongoing training of their staff

  • Joining Genius

    1. How long does a demo take?

    Booking a demo is the only way to see exactly how Genius Training Management System will improve your business and save you hours of administration time. The full demo takes between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours depending of how you will use Genius and the questions that you may have. When you book a demo we call you for a brief chat about your requirements, we then tailor the demo to your exact requirements.

    2. Do you offer a Free trial?

    Yes, we offer a 14 Day Free Trial of the full and latest version of Genius Training Management System. However, we do like to speak with you and go through a walk through using Zoom or Teams before you begin your 14 day free trial. This is to familiarize you with Genius to make sure you get the most out of your 14 day free trial. Give us a call on: (UK: 0330 113 7783) if you would like to arrange a walk through and free trial or Book your Free Trial now.

    3. Now many users do I need?

    Genius is very automated and saves a huge amount of time, however all of your team members who need to manage courses, customers, learners, trainers, orders & invoices etc will need access to Genius. We call these licenced users. All of your trainers DO NOT need a licence as they will access the trainer platform and we do not charge for that. Sharing licences is allowed, however two people cannot be logged in using the same licence at the same time.
    Please Note: We have a minimum x2 user requirement.

    4. How long is the contract?

    When you sign up to use Genius we have an initial 12 month agreement, this runs from the day you sign up, then in 11 months you will see a notice on your Genius dashboard advising you that your agreement will expire in 30 days. You can then sign the agreement again for a further 12 months, and so on.
    If for any reason you decide to leave us the 11 month point if where we ask you to give us 30 days notice. There are no penalties when you leave Genius at this point.

    If you leave Genius at any point within the 11 months your full subscription (12 months) will become due.

    5. How much is the set up fee?

    When you subscribe to Genius and enter your data yourself there is a one time setup fee of GBP £995 or (USD $1,295). If you require your existing data be imported by us (bulk import) we do charge for this with pricing being different in each case. Our team can advise on this.

    6. Do you offer discounts?

    We never discount Genius, it's far to valuable for that. Genius actually saves you time and money in your business, so why would you need a discount? This policy also ensures that you are getting the exact same deal as every other user of Genius. We are often asked about paying annually up front, you can do this, but we do not offer a discount for it.

    7. How quickly can I start using Genius?

    How does 'Today' sound?. We can have your account set up in around an hour, we just need your initial set up fee and you to sign up for the 12 month subscription, then we give you access to Genius.

    8. Do you offer a switching service?

    Yes read about our switching service here. Many of our new clients have used Training Management Systems previously, so have a lot of customer data to import into Genius. We take care of everything for you, from setting up your account, to importing your data and training your staff on using Genius. Read more.

    9. What happens if I leave Genius?

    The end of any relationship is hard, the memories made together, the laughter, the joy we bring each other... We get it, people grow, they change and the grass looks greener on the other side, but that's seldom the case.
    No one likes a break up, but we understand that you 'need to find yourself' and 'it's you, not us!' whatever that means, so go.. go find yourself, there are no hard feelings...
    To break up with Genius we don't insist that you 'at least have the guts to do it to my face!', you can send us a 'dear Jon' email giving 30 days notice at the 11 month point of your 12 month contract. No penalties, no fees to pay, just a teary goodbye.
    Unlike a bitter lover we don't hold a grudge and will always take you back with open arms. Some may leave.. but they all come back in the end!
    Oh... and when you do come back... we won't throw it in your face every now and then either ;-)

  • Using Genius

    1. Who teaches my team and I to use Genius?

    Our support and customer success team offer unlimited free training and support to you and your team anytime day or night as our teams are international. We offer training via email and Zoom screen sharing software to guide you through getting the most out of Genius.

    We also have very detailed help files within Genius, these include written tutorials and tutorial videos which explain how to do just about everything in Genius.

    2. Can you bulk upload my data into Genius?

    If you have historical data such as customers, orders, learners, qualifications, invoices etc that you would like to import into Genius we can do this for you.

    3. How often do you update Genius?

    We make very small performance upgrades continuously, these are barely noticeable to our clients but are essential to ensure the smooth running of Genius Training Management System.
    We roll out major updates every 6 - 8 weeks. These updates include new services to improve Genius and are largely free of charge. Genius Training Management System is cloud software or (SaaS) which means that all of our clients are always using the very latest and best performing version of Genius.
    The vast majority of Genius Training Management System updates are suggested and chosen by our community of users. We are also very conscious that people don't like change, and the last thing you want is constantly changing software as this would require additional training for your staff.
    All updates are gradual and don't require any further training for your staff.

    4. Can I integrate my website with Genius?

    Yes, we actually encourage you to integrate Genius with your existing website to accept bookings and secure online payments. Integration is quick and simple, can be done by anyone so long as you know how to 'copy and paste'. We have created a tutorial video to help you do this. This is an actually video of us performing an integration and takes 3 minutes, watch via YouTube here.
    Read more about Website Integration.

    5. How can I accept online payments with Genius?

    Genius is fully integrated with Stripe to accept credit / debit card payments. You can simply connect your Stripe account to Genius (takes less than a minute) and all of your customers can then pay you by secure credit / debit card.
    This integration works with your website (automatically included in website integration) and also allows your customers to pay by Stripe when you create an order for them via Genius TMS or send them an invoice via Genius TMS.

    6. Does Genius have an App?

    No we don't. There is no need as Genius works on all devices such as PC, Mac, laptop, tablet and mobile. Genius also works on all operating systems as it's basically like accessing a website.

    7. Does Genius support different time zones and currencies?

    Genius is used in many different countries by different clients in different time zones so Genius does support different date/time formats. The USA format dates differently to the UK for example and all are supported by Genius.

    Genius works with all currencies. Plus you can even use Genius in your default currency, and invoice different clients in their own currency. This can be done for an unlimited number of currencies. We have created a short video demonstrating this watch via YouTube here.

  • Customer Platform

    1. How much does customer platform cost?

    We do not charge you anything to use the customer platform no matter how many customers you have, they can all have free access.
    However, you may want to charge your customers for access to the customer platform, as many of our clients do, this is a great additional revenue stream for your business.

    2. How many customers can have access?

    Unlimited, we never limit anything you can do in Genius.

    3. Can I choose who gets access and what they can do?

    You absolutely can choose who gets access, you can grant or deny/revoke access to anyone with a single checkbox. There are two levels of access, the first is for training managers, they book learners onto training and manage their team, they can see all of their company orders and all company learners.
    The lower level of access is for individual learners who can only see their own information, their own orders, their own qualifications etc. This level is also used for private individuals who book themselves onto training.

    4. Is customer platform GDPR and data protection compliant?

    Every part of Genius including the customer platform was designed to be GDPR and data protection complaint from scratch, so yes, it's all compliant.

  • Trainer Platform

    1. How many trainers can access the Trainer Platform?

    Every aspect of Genius is unlimited, so as many as you like.

    2. How much do you charge per trainer and what can they do?

    No charge, regardless of your number of trainers.

    1. You choose who has access, grant / revoke access at any time.

    2. You choose how much access they have, you can lock their account down so they see the bare minimum.

    3. You can give them as much access as you like on a granular level, Read about Trainer Platform.

    3. What if the trainer loses their password?

    They can reset their password at anytime on the login page.

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