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" Genius is my baby. At this point I have dedicated over a decade of my life to it, 18 hour days, weekends and more, I personally designed and developed it, I gave it life. So like any baby I want it to grow and improve constantly which is why my team and I work tirelessly to improve Genius and add new features with our updates.
These updates are largely suggested by our community of users and are all Free of charge for our users. So Genius will be better tomorrow than it is today, constantly improving, so if you are impressed now, things will only improve. No other TMS software vendor does this. "

Carl Downs - Genius Founder
Latest Update July 2024
update 2.9.0 04 July 2024 Read Release Notes

  • New 'To Do'' system

  • Customer Platform update - File Upload/Sharing

  • Trainer Platform update - File Upload/Sharing & more..

  • Checklist update

  • More..

Update March 2024
update 2.8.9 03 March 2024 Read Release Notes

  • New filter system

  • Email templates

  • Automated trainer availability

  • Trainer planner update

  • More..

Update December 2023
update 2.8.8 23 December 2023 Read Release Notes

  • Trainer venue & region matching

  • Trainer qualifications matching

  • Trainer stats

  • Event reshedule automation

  • Event cancel automation

  • More..

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